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Enterprise Operations & IT

What we do

We’re forward-thinking technologists, master project managers and conceptual thinkers that help create, implement and manage solutions used to power Ontario Teachers’. Through an agile and collaborative approach, we work with our internal partners to solve business problems and create opportunities to help the organization push boundaries and succeed.

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How we’re organized

  • We help our business partners stay on track by planning, budgeting and providing operational performance management. Bring your critical thinking, practical skills and passion for doing the next right thing to this high-performing team.

  • We empower data-driven decisions and lay the foundation to leverage data as an asset to drive our business forward. We use such tools as Power BI, y, and z to understand and interpret data to help the organization make more informed decisions.

  • We manage the backbone of our technology and information assets that power Ontario Teachers’. This includes computers, laptops, mobile devices, servers and networks. We also partner with internal stakeholders to help solve business problems through ideas, experimentation and learning. We build and support solutions, software and services that enable us to pay pensions, invest assets and perform day-to-day functions in a secure environment.

  • As an organization focused on growth and innovation, we need to be laser-focused at all times. We’re seasoned project managers that help keep our internal business partners on track to ensure they stay the course and complete projects on time and on budget. One way we do this is through the Agile methodology. Our scrum masters ensure the business is focused on the right solutions for the right purpose at the right time.

  • We’re behind the scenes and committed to ensuring a smooth mail, print production, facilities and security service for all employees. To save time, money and offset our carbon footprint, we have our own in-house printing and production team in Toronto. We also have a dedicated team focused on helping shape the right workplace environment for all – from space to hospitality. We think conceptually and constantly look for opportunities to optimize, rethink and redesign the way we work.

I’ve been at Ontario Teachers’ for more than ten years. I’ve seen Enterprise Operations grow and adapt to the changing needs of our business partners while at the same time continuing to deliver products and services that are of high value to them. Our work is innovative and allows us to experiment daily. We bring our partners solutions to deliver excellent service to our members. I’m also fortunate to be involved in Women @ Teachers’ – helping advance the cause of allyship and inclusivity throughout our organization.

Deepika Ganeshan (she/her),
Senior Business Analyst, Product & Delivery, Enterprise Operations

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